About Us

Camaraderie. At the Sarasota Yacht Club, a spirit of friendship and community makes everyone feel welcome. Whether you glide in dockside or step inside the new luxurious clubhouse, you're greeted with a warm smile and outstretched hand.

A Private Yacht Club on Sarasota Bay

Our varied membership comprised of non-boating singles and families, cruisers and athletes under power or sail, love to call the Club home. While many of our members live in Sarasota year round, many of our mariners are from out of state and still proudly fly the SYC Burgee on their bow. But everyone agrees, no matter how you arrive you always feel at home at the Club.

And at the end of the day, our members can relax and enjoy the gorgeous Sarasota skyline in luxury and style. That's why our members say "Meet me at the Club!"

Distinguished Elite Club & Platinum Club of the World

Sarasota Yacht Club is the only private club in the Sarasota/Tampa Bay area – and one of only ten yacht, beach and lake clubs in the United States – to be awarded the Distinguished Elite Club award.

The Distinguished Clubs award program is conducted by BoardRoom magazine, one of the most respected trade publications serving private clubs. Clubs are selected for this honor based on a club-specific rating system that reviews the club, its management and its staff, using a proprietary evaluation process that measures each club's member experience.

In late 2018, Sarasota Yacht Club was selected as a Platinum Club of America for 2019-2020. Presented by Club Leaders Forum, Platinum Club recognition is a benchmark of excellence that all private clubs strive to achieve. Sarasota Yacht Club is one of only 30 yacht clubs selected nationwide for this award. 

In late 2019 Sarasota Yacht Club was further elevated to Platinum Club of the World status for 2020-2021. SYC is one of only 50 yacht clubs worldwide to be selected for this designation.


Sarasota Yacht Club is the waterfront connection for a diverse group of "fun-loving" people who enjoy award winning dining, extraordinary experiences, and engaging activities in a welcoming environment.


Sarasota Yacht Club is a premier, full service, family-oriented private yacht club dedicated to the enjoyment of Members, their Families and their Guests.


Sarasota Yacht Club will be a vibrant, member-driven, multi-generational yacht club providing all members with extraordinary experiences and legendary services.