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SYC News
Big Pass UpdateCaptain Ed Graham & I surveyed Big Pass again on 7/26/14 to insure that the pass had remained stable after the shifts in May & June. It had and there are no changes in the course. The bottom has smoothed out somewhat. The BP4 mark our good friend Mike Solum placed, is in a perfect spot. .
Big Pass ChangesCaptain Ed Graham & I surveyed Big Pass on 7/13/14. There have been substantial shifts so please look at the details. There is still 5.5' at MLLW but only on the course. PvR
Big Pass Mark AddedBP4 was added on 7/10/14. Course remains the same. Will survey again within the week given ok weather and a captain. PvR
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7/31/2014 7:26:58 AM EST

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