Weddings & Events Testimonials

“Emma's birthday was outstanding from top to bottom. The food was excellent, the service was outstanding, and all of the guests were really wowed.

Thank you for ensuring the success of Emma's birthday! We really appreciate everything.”

“Thank you for helping us pull off a wildly successful oversold event.

The service, food and overall ambience can’t be beat!”

“Everything was Wonderful. Your staff is so nice and accommodating. My friends just loved the Club.

Thank you so much for all your help in making this such a special day.”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making last evening a most memorable one for not only Nancy and me, but our guests as well.

I will classify last evening as a ‘best practice’ in hospitality services. Let me explain.

I have always relied on Nancy for organizing these kinds of events. Well, if it was going to be a surprise, obviously I needed to pull it off.

My first contact was with Karen who graciously and thoroughly worked out the details of the event by accommodating my desired date, setting, decorations and planning of the menu. I gave her a budget and asked if it was realistic, she said she believed we could accomplish my goal without cutting corners. Mission accomplished.

She made sure that I covered the entire evening by suggesting a “cocktail” hour for people to gather prior to our arrival and a get to know each other time. Later on I called back to ask her input regarding hors d’oeuvres.  Karen’s suggestions were perfect.

What can I say about Chef Anthony. Not only did he go along with helping me make it a total surprise, but the meal was superb and the behind the scene effort did not go unnoticed.  Thank you!

Last and most certainly not least, your team who executed the event. I didn’t catch all of the names, but I would like to share the young man who oversaw the others was gracious and continually made sure that the quality of the event was first class (it was).

The woman server was outstanding in her competence and mannerisms as she passed the hors d’oeuvres and wine. She was quite simply on top of things.

The other gentleman server was most attentive and wanted to make sure all the guests received the correct order and were being satisfied.”

“The EOHS luncheon was amazing. The food was beautifully presented and delicious. The service was excellent. The place settings as well as the centerpieces were elegant.  I'm very fortunate, blessed and proud to be a member of a wonderful Club. A Club that is wonderful because of its dedicated and professional staff.”

“Thank you and your colleagues for an absolutely superb and memorable special time for us.  Everyone without exception was delighted with the setting, the wonderful food (and especially the perfectly-done filets), and most importantly, the excellent service from the best staff in town… indeed!”

“Thank you for making Diana's wedding such a special event on Saturday.  I was so proud to be a member of the Sarasota Yacht Club and hosting Diana's wedding reception and also the Guys BBQ on Friday at the Club.  

Starting on Friday the BBQ lunch was excellent and it was nice to use the new tapas area. Angel was a phenomenal chef on the grill and Carolina did a great job along with the other staff.

The wedding reception was the best I have ever attended and again I have never been so proud to be a member of the Sarasota Yacht Club. Many of my friends came to me to say the club was beautiful and that it might be time to switch from a golf club to a yacht club when they retire from up north. Everyone did an excellent job and made Diana and Denton feel special along with all of our guest.

The food and service was excellent. The bar service was excellent. The Club looked great. Everyone did an excellent job.

I want to give a special thank you to Karen Roman. Karen did an excellent job working with me, Marie, Diana and Denton starting back a year ago on planning and deciding what to do. Karen even took my calls for advice last week when Marie and I were running from Hobby Lobby, and every other place on Tamiami to pick up last minute things for the reception.

Please pass along our thanks to the entire staff. We really are proud of the club and so happy to share the Club and experience with our friends and family.”