Membership Testimonials

“I joined SYC to develop some new friendships in Sarasota. I had lived here for 12 years, but worked elsewhere all week, and only home on weekends so I didn’t get to know many people here. I had been a member of the Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco for 20 years, and know what a great Club environment would be like, and as a sailor/boater of 40 years, was looking for kindred spirits. What I hadn’t expected was all the other activities that I could participate in, beyond boating (and drinking, and dining). From Golf, to Kayaking, to Trivia, Car Club, Fitness, Cruise-outs, and more - there is no end to the activities (Clubs within the Club) that you can get involved in here. SYC is my favorite restaurant in town, and it has become the center of my social life. The members are friendly and welcoming, and the staff are outstanding. The special events are all well planned and executed - and fun! To really make the Club experience more rewarding, I recommend that every Member should join one or more of the Clubs-within-the Club, and/or at least one Club Committee. I can truly say I’ve met some people who will be lifelong friends, and I recommend SYC to anyone who enjoys being part of a very special community.” -Donald Speller
“Several months after moving to Sarasota from Los Angeles, a friend suggested I look into joining SYC. Following Stephania’s persuasive presentation in the Neptune Bar, I joined as a trial social member to make sure this was the right place. The trial was for four months, but after only a few weeks of visits, I knew this was right for me. It was the ambience, the welcoming environment, and opportunities for involvement offered at the Club that won me over.It’s always a pleasure to come to the Club. Once I walk through the doors, I’m able to put aside my daily concerns and relax in an elegant and accommodating environment. I’ve attended a number of special events, developed a variety of new friends and business connections, and even started to sail again. Opportunities abound for getting involved with the wide variety of Clubs Within the Club. The staff has a professional but friendly and personal approach to service. I always enjoy myself when I go to the Club.” -Jeffrey Acker
“We have enjoyed the Sarasota Yacht Club as a fabulous outlet for family activities and entertaining guests. One of our favorite amenities is the water sports program that makes it hassle free to get out on the water and have some fun. We’ve had birthday and Christmas parties at the club that were easy and fun for us as hosts, and made memorable experiences for our guests. I do recommend the club highly as a fun, rewarding outlet to get the most out of living in the Sarasota area.” -Milligan Family