Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required at all times inside the Clubhouse. Our Dress Code is an important tradition at Sarasota Yacht Club and is designed to complement today's more causal lifestyles while still respecting the longstanding traditions in excellence for which Sarasota Yacht Club is noted. It applies to all Members and guests over twelve (12) years old. Children under twelve (12) years old should be appropriately dressed. Our dress code is dictated by whatever is appropriate to the occasion. Dress is normally casual for most daytime functions. Dress becomes more formal in the evening. Members are encouraged to wear name tags and, if they desire, Yacht Club attire. 

We hope that the following guidelines will be helpful in making your visit more enjoyable and comfortable for you and your guests. The following are definitions of appropriate dress and the areas required unless warranted by special occasions or functions. The Dress Code that will apply to an event will be posted or appear in the Spars & Tacks.


Club Areas

  • Neptune Bar & Lounge – Cocktail Casual
  • Ringling I & II – Cocktail Casual
  • Ringling III – Dictated by the occasion
  • Ringling Waterside Terrace – Casual
  • Yardarm – Casual
  • Spinnaker Pool, Deck & Bar – Pool Deck
  • Porthole Bar & Lounge – Casual
  • Porthole Dining Room – Cocktail Casual
  • Porthole Terrace – Casual

Appropriate Attire

Black Tie

Gentlemen wear tuxedo, dinner jacket, or military dress uniform.  Ladies wear evening attire.

Black Tie Optional

Gentlemen wear tuxedo, dinner jacket, dark suit, or military dress uniform.  Ladies wear evening attire.

Jacket Required

Gentlemen wear suits and tie (optional).  Ladies wear dress or suit, skirt, or dress slacks, and top.

Cocktail Casual

Gentlemen wear dress slacks and collared shirt with sleeves, or turtleneck. Ladies wear a dress, skirt, or dress slacks and top. For gentlemen and ladies: upscale jeans/denim permitted. No cargo shorts or hats permitted.

Bermuda shorts are permitted from April 15 to October 15. 


Gentlemen wear slacks, jeans, or shorts and a collared or collarless (no sleeveless) shirt.  Ladies wear a skirt, dress slacks or shorts and a top. Pool deck attire with appropriate cover-up and shoes or sandals. Hats are permitted.

Porthole Terrace

Casual or pool deck attire with appropriate cover-up and shoes or sandals.

Pool Deck

Bathing suits and bathing attire. Shoes or sandals must be worn, along with a cover-up in the Porthole Terrace area. Thongs are prohibited.

Not Permitted in the Clubhouse

Men’s hats & caps, sleeveless shirts, bathing suits, thongs, bare feet, tank tops, tube or halter tops, torn, tattered, frayed, faded or cut-off clothing, or soiled work garments.

Men’s Club Uniform

Navy blue blazer with Club emblem on left breast pocket, white or gray slacks, white collared shirt with Sarasota Yacht Club tie, white shoes, socks and belt. Name tag on right lapel and collar insignia as appropriate.


Ladies’ Club Uniform

Navy blue blazer with Club emblem on left breast, white sleeveless tunic worn with white slacks or skirt, or navy blue blazer worn with white sleeveless dress, white shoes.  Nametag on right lapel. SYC burgee or officer insignia as appropriate worn above Club emblem. Navy blue blazer, tunic and long white skirt may be worn for Change of Watch and other occasions as specified. For pattern and local dressmaker information members may contact Martha Will. martha.will@icloud.com